Wondering what meditation is really all about.

Check out this awesome video from WhatMeditationReallyIs.com.  They break it down in less than 3 mins.  Dispel all of the meditation myths that you might have heard along the way.  Get to the heart of what meditation really is.meditation What is Meditation? Learning Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful and challenging practice.  That is the key practice.  From the very first time you try meditation you will begin to reap benefits.  Here are just a few of the benefits of meditation:

  • tames the stresses and emotions that upset our personal lives, opening us to inner calm and well-being
  • deepens our connections with others and with the world around us
  • It nurtures higher levels of clarity, harmony, and joy
  • values inquiry into how we perceive the world, helping us expand beyond the inner stories and emotions that limit our experience
  • offers us a journey to growth, discovery and new experiences

Like any new practice beginning a meditation practice can be daunting.

The video below breaks it down in less than 3 mins.  It will talk you through the simple steps to starting to relax your mind.  Letting your mind be just as it is; letting your thoughts and emotions come and go.  Transitioning into a observer you open to a new awareness.

A Mala is a tool that can aid in meditation.

mala What is Meditation? Learning Meditation  Having a tactile object in your hand aids you to focus and be present.  A mala help you to remain grounded as you move from one bead to the next you allow for a simple flow of meditation.  Working your way around the mala breathing in and out relaxes the mind and allows for a transition into a passive state of observance.  In this article we walk you through how to use a mala to engage in a chakra meditation.  Visualizing each chakra and moving from one chakra to the next as you move through the mala.

A Simple Chakra Meditation Using Mala Beads

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