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Your health is one of the most important things that you have to take care of. Because of this, a lot of people are doing everything they can just to get the perfect balance of chemicals in their body in order to obtain perfect health. You also need to consider that a lot of people find it hard to relax and control their emotions. You have to remember that anger can contribute to poor health and this is the emotion that you should minimize as much as possible.

Today, a lot of people are participating in different kinds of meditation in order to achieve balance in their emotions and also in their spirit. Meditating can contribute a lot of great benefits for your body. With meditation, you will be able to relax more and you can effectively control your emotions and never be angry if you don’t need to be angry. By not wasting precious energy on being angry, you can put all these negative energies and turn it into positive energies that can be useful in your everyday life.

If you are having problems controlling your emotions, problems in relaxing, or you simply want to experience oneness with yourself try chakra meditation.

Learning how to do chakra meditation is easy and everyone can do it. All you need is a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for at about 15 minutes and a little bit of imagination and you’re off.

Visualize that there are seven major chakras found in your body. These chakras are considered to be a very important part of your body that needs to be balanced in order to promote good health. The seven chakras are Shasrara (crown), Ajna (between brows), Vishudda (throat), Anahata (heart), Manipura (navel), Svadisthana (sacral), and Muladhara (root). You have to know how to open up your seven chakras in order to promote spiritual balance and good physical health.

Using your mala you will work your way through each chakra.  Begin the meditation on the first bead by setting an intention for your meditation.  This can be as simple as focusing on an emotion that you would like to cultivate, or an emotion that you would like to release.  Now simply breathe deeply and evenly as you imagine a spinning light associated with each chakra. Start from Muladhara, or root chakra, and work your way up to Shasrara, crown chakra. Imagine the colored light associated with each chakra and focus on the light as you breath deeply.  Relax into your breath and feel the light radiating from within yourself shining and growing with each breath.  With each breath move from one bead to the next.

Count 15 breaths moving through 15 beads for each chakra.  After several minutes travel upwards towards your crown chakra and repeat the process; breathing deeply and focusing on the light.  When thoughts and feeling arise acknowledge them without judgement and gently release them coming back to focus on your breath.

Seeds-of-Change-Mala-chakra-summary A Simple Chakra Meditation Using Mala Beads Learning Meditation

Shasrara (crown) ñ Violet
Ajna (brows) ñ Indigo Blue
Vishudda (throat) ñ Pale Blue
Anahata (heart) ñ Emerald Green
Manipura (navel) ñ Golden Yellow
Svadisthana (sacral) ñ Orange
Muladhara (root) ñ Red

With the last 2 beads on your mala close your meditation in a way that you find meaningful.  Chant an OM, or say a mantra that has a special meaning for you.  Move to the last bead and sit quietly for several breaths and simply notice how you are feeling in your body.  Do you feel relaxed and grounded?  Perhaps you feel a heightened sense of peace and calm.  Go into noticing what you are feeling without judgement.  Know that you can come back to this space, that it is available for you any time you need or desire to slow and take a moment.

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