Check out our awesome friends over at

Long time fan and first time contributor.  We at Seeds of Change Mala have been huge fans of what hey have been serving up over at See Be Now.  You got a sneak peek at the blog post yesterday…so head on over to and see what all the fuss is about.

We love seeing all of the Bali family out and about doing their awesome thing.  And we are stoked to be recording some interviews here in New York.  Such a tease.  I know.   But, we are brewing up some exciting stuff over here in the big apple.  Stay Tuned!

Wondering what See Be Now is all about?  See what they say in their own words.

Who We Are

SeeBeNow started in 2014 in Bali, Indonesia by Founder Erick Joseph and a group of global visionaries. Our mission is to inspire busy people like you to discover how to live a more balanced, connected lifestyle in ways that are practical, accessible, and also fun, sexy and cool.

We are now based in Brooklyn, New York and maintain a global crew of visionaries dedicated to creating media made with Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

What We Do

SeeBeNow is an online yoga lifestyle media platform that connects you to your Mind, Body and Self through practices and discussions. 

Yoga Lifestyle is about connection. The word Yoga literally means union, so we mean for this experience to be about more than just poses. We invite you to connect with your Mind, Body and Self, and have experiences that help you live life at your highest potential.

You can experience SeeBeNow Anytime, Anywhere.

– Open up your computer, phone or tablet.

– Roll out your practice mat.

– Get into your body + focus your mind.

It’s the ultimate way to start your day. 

We make the practice of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle super easy.