Tranquility Mala


It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.  -Thomas Jefferson

Moving from a place of peace and tranquility we are free to take in the beauty and love the surround us.  It is from this place that we become conscious of the worries and stress that we carry and can then invite the freedom of release opening to deeper compassion and love for ourselves and others.

Fresh Water Pearls are cultured in inland waters and not in the sea. The oldest Pearl was worn in 4300 BC by a Persian Queen. They are considered the bringers of light, beauty and love. They also help you to become aware and conscious of the problems that we carry around with us. Pearls are linked with innocence and helps us to see life through the eyes of compassion.

Abalone is a beautiful shell of the sea. It is believed to hold great healing and soothing energy, encouraging a calmer demeanor. The multidimensional, pastel rainbow colors enhance feelings of peace, beauty, compassion and love. The Native Americans believe this shell to be a sacred shell and use it, along with sage, to carry messages to Heaven. Abalone is excellent to wear when you are in need of guidance in a relationship.

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