Does Putting Your Crystals in Salt Sound Crazy?

Ever wonder how to clean your crystals?  When we say clean we aren’t talking about giving them a windex and a polish we are talking about giving them an energetic makeover.  Crystals are powerful carriers and amplifiers of energy.  Each crystal carries a specific vibration which supports different intentions and purposes.  All of our malas are designed with a specific intention supported by the selection of crystals and stones strung into each mala.  We have written about the intention of each mala on their specific pages and a little bit about the frequency and power that each crystal brings to the mala.

Meditating with your mala becomes a very powerful and intimate practice.  We encourage you to receive your mala and mark the occasion with a ceremony.  All of the mala were blessed in a water ceremony by the high priestess of Bali before leaving the island.  This was a very special moment for the seeds of change team, and a powerful transformational ceremony.  Marking the beginning of your journey with your chosen mala with a ceremony of your choosing is a great way to welcome this new beautiful mindfulness tool into your life.10274140_10206879580760759_4259440804591653087_n How To Clean and Activate Your Crystals And Mala Essential Oils Learning Uncategorized

Clearing and activating your mala can be as simple as smudging it with sage, laying it in the moonlight anointing it with essential oils, or lighting a candle and setting your intention into the mala.  Check out this great video by Love Light that explains some great methods of cleansing and activating your stones and crystals.

*We do not recommend putting the rudraksha seed malas in water.  The water may damage the seeds, however you can anoint them with oil.  The more time you spend meditating and wearing your mala the oils from your skin will naturally polish and create a beautiful sheen on the seeds preserving them for years.

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