Generosity of LoveIMG_8681 Generosity of Love Guided Meditation Learning Love Meditation

A Guided Meditation with Reverend Elizabeth Hess Stamper

We invite you to join us in celebrating the Generosity of Love.  This special meditation was created just for you. Take a moment out of your day and take time to nourish yourself and reflect on what it is to love, and be loved.

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Designed with Aquamarine which evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.  Once you let go you are able to invite love into a new deep rich space within your being.



Rev. Elizabeth Hess Stamper, MS, LMHC, is a writer, meditation teacher, and licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne, Florida. She has led workshops around the country for fifteen years, and has authored a well-received book on spiritual relationships and two meditation CDs.

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