Our design team has over a decade of experience in the luxury design market and exquisite vision; true style makers. It is this fusion of innovative style and unique design that infuse a fresh beauty into a centuries old object. With staff in Bali we are able to integrate this design sensibility with amazing Balinese craftsmanship. All materials are personally selected to insure the highest quality and truly integrate positive meaning into all aspects of the Mala.

Seeds of Change was founded by a designer from New York who while traveling to Bali felt a deep calling to the land, people and traditions of the island.  We are founded upon the prinicpals of integrity and abundance.  Our mission is to integrate these deeply held principals into beautiful physicals reminders that promote, growth, awareness and wellbeing.  We believe that beauty should be celebrated and honored in all forms.

We are committed to being a global team cherishing all members of our team from the farmers that collect the seeds to the artists that sting the Mala.  We believe in offering fair prices for goods and wages becoming true partners with all members of the global team.  As a sign of our commitment to the principals Seeds of Live a portion of all sales are donated to the Wisnu Foundation-a NGO focused on environmental concerns, conservation,  pollution control, and education.

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